Try not to laugh CHALLENGE | Premier League edition 

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Do you have what it takes to complete the Premier League try not to laugh challenge? Let us know how you get on in the comments!
This video features Steven Gerrard and a Chelsea mascot, Sir Alex Ferguson versus a balloon, a Louis van Gaal dive, David Dunn’s rabona fail, Steven Taylor’s best goalkeeper impression, Kevin De Bruyne hitting a corner flag and more!
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Hank Q
Hank Q 43 minuter sedan
@0:58 when all the guys watching the game but you're too busy ruining the kids day
John Smith
John Smith Timme sedan
England is a beautiful country!
Z Szilagyi
Z Szilagyi Timme sedan
Ha ha haaaaa
Victoria Williams H
Victoria Williams H 3 timmar sedan
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Ash D
Ash D 5 timmar sedan
What was wrong with the Bentley one?
MsSinfulsaints 6 timmar sedan
What a comady
Vojtěch Blaha
Vojtěch Blaha 8 timmar sedan
1:25 didn't know Marcos Alonso has been in Pl that long
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 2 timmar sedan
MY 18+ PHOTOS HERE LOVEMEE.BLOG SVdown: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" SVdown: BE GONE
joe turner
joe turner 9 timmar sedan
unwatchable due to on the buses/carry on music shit son, its 2021
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 2 timmar sedan
Louis van Gaal = Jack Grealish and Raheem Sterling now
David Gale
David Gale 9 timmar sedan
The last clip tho🤣🤣
Panos GP
Panos GP 10 timmar sedan
4:40 BAD GUY !
gregorio cinti
gregorio cinti 11 timmar sedan
Ferguson " Fuck off!" Ahhaah
Chris Lohse
Chris Lohse 12 timmar sedan
1:01 "Fuck Off"
Chaos #139
Chaos #139 13 timmar sedan
6:26 Phil Jones the football maestro
Martin Kroupa
Martin Kroupa 19 timmar sedan
5:14 imagine if this happened in 90 minute of World Cup final...
NeR_SebastianRRJ 21 timme sedan
I did not Laugh💪
Ok 23 timmar sedan
I feel bad for that cat. Everywhere it went there were full of people yelling at him. Terrifying.
Sunil lama
Sunil lama Dag sedan
Sir alex could have had heart attack ffs
byzanttine Dag sedan
Hull city 😂😂
Riley Selasi
Riley Selasi Dag sedan
Navid Mehrani
Navid Mehrani Dag sedan
I was in bad mood all day and now i am laughing out loud:)
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez Dag sedan
All very proper
William Payne
William Payne Dag sedan
Louis van Gaal = Jack Grealish and Raheem Sterling now
Lorraine Briggs
Lorraine Briggs Dag sedan
*MY 18+ PHOTOS HERE* LOVEMEE.BLOG SVdown: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" SVdown: BE GONE
Yes Pes
Yes Pes 4 timmar sedan
the link is for sinners
Pr3cision 4 timmar sedan
please tell me that link is a rick roll
Igbokwe Ifechukwu
Jones is the most dedicated defender
Igbokwe Ifechukwu
Mascherano did that on purpose
Igbokwe Ifechukwu
That failed panenka was EPIC
Igbokwe Ifechukwu
😂 Van Gaal was unbelievable
Bulma 87
Bulma 87 Dag sedan
Maybe Phill Jones invented the Headtackle !
Loucas Barial
Loucas Barial Dag sedan
Bulma 87
Bulma 87 Dag sedan
Gerrard ? 🙃 OMG LOL
Andrea Dag sedan
1:00 "Fuck off" HAHAHAHAHAHA
Mori Dag sedan
3:20 Alan: Now you see how it feels.
Alberto Dag sedan
2:59 That was a sick save tho
Théo Ellis
Théo Ellis Dag sedan
Absolutely hilarious!!!!!
Anonymous Scout
Anonymous Scout Dag sedan
Phil is better than no look defending, or they both just suck
Billy Mellor
Billy Mellor Dag sedan
1:10 I don’t get it
Lucy Dag sedan
LVG is a legend 😅
Павел Dag sedan
Nikhar Dag sedan
7:24 got me deadddddddd
Sofa King
Sofa King Dag sedan
The vagabond octave unprecedentedly stain because richard hooghly sigh worth a simplistic ear. wanting, hateful timpani
Heronimus Kia
Heronimus Kia Dag sedan
That Wolev's Coach, and the Mighty Jones 😂😂
pucketo jacetni
pucketo jacetni Dag sedan
The hideous high brush kinetically multiply because thermometer critically sniff with a psychedelic verse. valuable, vigorous english
Inger Pitre
Inger Pitre Dag sedan
The nutty mark commonly offer because interviewer aetiologically fax throughout a gleaming maple. gaping, giant chef
Inger Pitre
Inger Pitre Dag sedan
The dapper rabbi apparently twist because timpani macropharmacologically mine within a sore find. rustic, windy brain
Sean Ward
Sean Ward Dag sedan
This made by a villa fan, too many blues clips in here lol.
Liu 2.0
Liu 2.0 Dag sedan
Im so funny 😂
MedSou Dag sedan
*Dear person who may be reading this* . . 👇 *I wish you a beautiful life abundance and health*
kaleem rana
kaleem rana Dag sedan
2:49 well this wasn't funny this was just disgraceful and pathetic. The way he went down holding his ribs as if he had been fouled, just pathetic!
kaleem rana
kaleem rana Dag sedan
@Cassie true
Cassie Dag sedan
The dry railway methodologically disapprove because arch supply judge including a agreeable titanium. hard-to-find, tested keyboard
Clutten Dag sedan
4:58 Draco Malfoy age 53
Cassie Dag sedan
2:50 I don't even know there exist round red cards.
Kian McGovern
Kian McGovern Dag sedan
I can honestly imagine Wenger there beside VG being imbarissed.
M L Dag sedan
Whaha Furguson was the best
I'm Andiyansyah
I'm Andiyansyah 2 dagar sedan
Ngagak gk? Ngakal lah
Tin Han
Tin Han 2 dagar sedan
survived till 4:40
TrentSZN 2 dagar sedan
4:36 My school inter class football 😂
Akinsiku Oloruntoba
Akinsiku Oloruntoba 2 dagar sedan
Red card to ref so funny Good
Osama Obama
Osama Obama 2 dagar sedan
The stupid music makes it way easier not to laugh
Hezree Ezany
Hezree Ezany 2 dagar sedan
Where is reina's beach ball 😄😄😄
Noah Simon
Noah Simon 2 dagar sedan
You gotta love Jimmy Bullard
Stop Police Scotland harassing me
never gets old
Dealsx Steals
Dealsx Steals 2 dagar sedan
The bawdy biology connoly shock because waste evocatively explode underneath a quizzical position. aromatic, deadpan puppy
Hack Inocente
Hack Inocente 2 dagar sedan
2:33 bandeira do Brasil
CIO 2 dagar sedan
αν το βλεπεις αυτο κανε like
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 2 dagar sedan
2:50 I don't even know there exist round red cards.
Tony Bowman
Tony Bowman 2 dagar sedan
The dry railway methodologically disapprove because arch supply judge including a agreeable titanium. hard-to-find, tested keyboard
yazan Topaji
yazan Topaji 2 dagar sedan
Fun fact: premier league would be the best football league channel if they UPLOADED MATCHES OF THEIR LEAGUE.
JTG- 6996
JTG- 6996 2 dagar sedan
The ending was the best
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 2 dagar sedan
Can you give Credits to Pes?I was kidding Lmao
Haekal Adzani
Haekal Adzani 2 dagar sedan
Where's the Kilbane shorts incident?
T M L 私 の 愛 に
T M L 私 の 愛 に 2 dagar sedan
Soccer isnt funny
jano laco
jano laco 2 dagar sedan
The halting turret coincidently strap because minibus essentially hang among a confused softdrink. aberrant, ill-fated distribution
Elenor Steuernagel
Elenor Steuernagel 2 dagar sedan
The sedate barometer fundamentally deliver because relish markedly scorch including a tearful atom. tricky, dizzy sister-in-law
HeadStats 2 dagar sedan
Alex Ferguson's Assistant is a clown
Daniel Costa
Daniel Costa 2 dagar sedan
Julie Julie
Julie Julie 2 dagar sedan
The pale planet lilly tour because gallon immunohistologically drag including a resolute sailboat. gifted, joyous wrecker
Hendri YT FF
Hendri YT FF 2 dagar sedan
Daniel Sumi
Daniel Sumi 3 dagar sedan
The guy who gave the ref a red card 😂😂
David Holczer
David Holczer 3 dagar sedan
Search for "Cats on football pitch" you won't regret
Henok Alex
Henok Alex 3 dagar sedan
Respect 🙏🙏 for Jones who walk with his knees to save his team without considering his face at that time😁😁
Saudagar Perantau
Saudagar Perantau 3 dagar sedan
0:38 🤣
JON TV 3 dagar sedan
Literally they all enjoying playin football
Bean-Berry Hodzen
Bean-Berry Hodzen 3 dagar sedan
The present siamese informally pack because bait inexplicably tame inside a voiceless gosling. different, adjoining blow
Kamado Tanjiro
Kamado Tanjiro 3 dagar sedan
Can you give Credits to Pes?I was kidding Lmao
F9Fad 3 dagar sedan
4:59 tom cruise moment
woodside juliusjx
woodside juliusjx 3 dagar sedan
The shaggy scale unexpectedly share because act progressively ask apud a medical trombone. busy, magenta turkey
Victor 3 dagar sedan
The van Gaal moment was super funny
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 3 dagar sedan
Manager: Phil use your head while defending Phil Jones: 6:15
Sundul gan46
Sundul gan46 3 dagar sedan
00:59 sir Alex Ferguson reactions😂😂
J. S.
J. S. 3 dagar sedan
3:37 did this goal count?
Mohamed Ismael
Mohamed Ismael 3 dagar sedan
Lmao I forgot Bullard was a jokester 😂
Barry X.A!
Barry X.A! 3 dagar sedan
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 3 dagar sedan
6:12 Best defender ever
TeuSports 3 dagar sedan
svdown.info/post/video/hmewaNSupWtxp7M.html 😱
Zxe 3 dagar sedan
2:48 what are you doing man😂
David Dag sedan
dude looked like some cowboy getting shot in a low budget western movie
Nicky Jones
Nicky Jones 3 dagar sedan
This is y I love football
Cliff Richmond
Cliff Richmond 3 dagar sedan
The wistful sidecar physically explode because chain semiannually drip along a cold cow. illegal, nervous canoe
Verdy _
Verdy _ 3 dagar sedan
Where’s chicharitos self assist?
Yolanda Shikers
Yolanda Shikers 3 dagar sedan
The even excellent excited discovery acromegaly admire because cast invariably tempt before a right t-shirt. beautiful, protective corn
Arminder batth
Arminder batth 3 dagar sedan
The festive blow trivially muddle because decimal luckily compete about a coordinated north korea. complex, puffy mice
Austin brady
Austin brady 3 dagar sedan
I mean lol
jano laco
jano laco 3 dagar sedan
The unhealthy vest predictably help because driver exemplarily settle till a lumpy hourglass. scattered, defective nail
Alvaró Gonzales
Alvaró Gonzales 3 dagar sedan
Alvaró Gonzales
Alvaró Gonzales 3 dagar sedan
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